Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter 11'-12' on the farm.

Cold cloudy sunset.

Last winter I mostly stuck around and played carpenter, electrician, plumber, and painter.
Wiring the place took about 6 weeks LONGER than I thought it would. Plumbing about two weeks longer. Gotta love Montezuma county for the freedom to do things yourself!!
I estimate I did about 30,000 worth of skilled labor on it.

But how nice it is to have a home! With year-round running HOT water! I went six years without, so I still appreciate it everyday.

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  1. I drove though farm country Oklahoma a month ago, and one thing that really stuck with me was the fact that even the industrial scale farmers would have to be mega-skilled in so many things: irrigation, tractor and diesel mechanics, home repairs of all kinds, well pump repair, etc...If they "farmed out" (pun intended, sort of) each task that needed to be done on even a modest sized farm or ranch, they'd quickly be broke. All of which is to say GOOD FOR YOU for all you're doing and learning. Farmer Dave rocks.