Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet the 2011 farm crew.

Not a whole lot would get done around here without lots of help weeding and harvesting.
I have got a great crew of 5 friends that help three days a week. This was the day in May when Cody and Kayla transplanted all of the tomatoes and peppers with me.
Building this big hoophouse took the three of us a couple weeks so the tomatoes were transplanted a bit later than previous years.

Here's Lieanne harvesting onions...

and a big basket of garlic scape!

Here's Kayla with a fresh garlic bulb.

Here she is again along with Cody on the day all of the garlic was harvested and hung to dry.

This is Cody getting an onion really clean.

There are a number of other farm Helpers but no photos of them just yet...

Here's the weekly potato harvest, and Chrissy with a heart shaped potato...

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